The Family is one of Nature’s masterpieces.

We coach families in Relationship Building to help them celebrate a more holistic family lifestyle together. 

We support our family clients in their rich and varied contemporary lifestyles, collaborating with them through the important stages and transitions of their lives, as they seek to enjoy confidence, harmony and wellbeing in all their family relationships.

The Harley Street Family Centre recognises that children thrive in families which protect and nurture them.

Within this fundamental principle of natural growth through nurture, temporary difficulties may arise which require early attention, to maintain child and family wellbeing. Parents are now much more aware that an early assessment and intervention from the right expert, will prevent obstacles to the future development of their children.

The Harley Street Family Centre Assessment includes:

Family Organisation and Family Functioning

Child Development and Life Stage Progress

Parent Child Attachment

Sibling Attachments

Family Life Stages

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