Holistic Family Wellbeing


Holistic Wellbeing Service

When emotional stress builds up and takes you over, and before you can take on a program of change, or deal with difficult dynamics, you need first to release that mental stress in a physical way. For those moments, we offer stress releasing massage, as a mind-body wellbeing treatment to complement our Family Coaching method. This holistic treatment employs carefully blended essential oils, chosen specifically for the needs of each individual family member. Individual sessions for stress release treatments to the head and face, can be incorporated into your overall Family Coaching program.

Monthly Equilibrium Day for Women

This half day service is offered as a once a month “ tune up” event. It includes a head massage and an emotional clearing session, for issues that have built up and may become problematic if not addressed. It aims to maintain emotional and mental wellbeing, as new challenges with children evolve, this preventing crisis before it occurs.