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Kids, Teens and Family Transitions - Harley Street Family Centre

Kids, Teens and Family Transitions

When your child’s needs test your parenting mettle

As a parent you may sometimes struggle with your child’s challenging behaviours. Every caring parent wishes to ensure their child develops social understanding and communication skills, to maximise their potential to lead happy lives. At the Harley Street Family Centre we can provide you with an Assessment and Individualised Holistic Intervention Pathway, including research-validated guidelines which produce results you can count on for you and your child.


Dealing with Teens in the Family

We recognise the complex family dynamics which will occur as teenagers actively explore their Identity, whilst seeking increasing freedom and independence from their parents. In the age of social media, boundaries between parents and teenage children are constantly shifting and changing, resulting in increased concerns and levels of family conflict. Our family coaching intervention at this life stage can be especially effective in reducing conflict and building healthy family habits.


Family Dynamics and Blending Families

When bringing together two families to create a blended family unit, emotional rivalries, authority and power issues, can put particular stressors on a new couple. Step families may sometimes strain to stay together. When seeking to blend their two families, couples need to be informed and understand how to best manage emotional rivalries etc, and how a shared parenting approach can create a well functioning family unit.


Family Transitions

Harley Street Family Centre is a centre of expertise for families in transition whether relocating, dealing with loss and bereavement or undergoing family breakup and divorce. Our therapeutic approach is focussed on minimising the emotional impact on children of transitions within the family, whilst maximising the collaborative skills of parents. We bring a broad language of therapeutic skills for children, teenagers and parents to express their feelings and adjust in positive ways to their new life post transition.


When the unexpected difficult thing happens

The impact of a traumatic episode such as bullying, assault, physical illness or a car accident can temporarily interrupt a child’s emotional, educational and psychosocial progress. Combining individual child and family approaches can quickly enable a child whose sense of security and place in the family, at school and the wider world has been shaken, to recover and resume their normal development.